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Mark Herman, DC
TMJ Specialist



Have you been having unexplained Head Pain, Jaw Pain, Neck and Shoulder pain?  Maybe trouble sleeping due to pain in the Face, Clenching of the teeth through out the day and night?  Have you had extensive dental work done, including the removal of Wisdom Teeth, the application of Braces or procedures such as Root Canals where the mouth had to be opened very wide for an extensive amount of time?  If so, you may have TMJ/TMD!  


Due to the fact that the Temporomandibular Joints are the only joints in the body that work as a pair together, this makes this a very difficult condition to treat!  There are a number of muscles that have to be in balance from side to side in the mouth in order for these joints to work "Balanced" together!  


Dr. Mark Herman has had extensive training in treating this condition and has developed a muscle balancing technique that may be able to help you with this devistating condition.


As a Chiropractor for 39 years, Dr. Mark Herman has manipulated just about every joint in the body.  Please be aware that the Jaw has bones including the Mandible, Maxilla and the Temporals and as a Joint UNIT, CAN NOT be Manipulated in the typical fashion used by most Chiropractors.   There are many pairs of muscles involved, including the major muscles of chewing, "known as mastication", including the Masseters and Pterygoids.  As PAIRS, these muscles have to be balanced for your JAW to work properly and they have to work TOGETHER!

Without this balance, over time your symptoms can increase and there can be advanced destruction of the Jaw itself.  Included in this destruction, more than likely your teeth will be involve as well. 

During an interview with Dr. Mark Herman, measurements will be taken, strength of your muscles will be documented, wear on the teeth will be noted, examination of the shoulders, neck and clavicular area will be examined as all of these areas can be part of this complicated condition.  

Treatment can be very complicated, involving such things as Ultrasound, Laser, Static Field Generating, massage inside and outside of the mouth along with massage of the neck, head, shoulders, clavical and rib areas which can all be part of this complicated condition.  Since the spine is also very involved, manipulation to this area may also be done if needed.

Diagnosing this condition can take the use of X-ray, Infra-Red Imaging, Cinema Radiographic or Floroscopic examinations!

 The key to curing this condition is to be as percise as possible in every step of diagnosis and treatment!


If you have questions, feel free to call Dr. Mark Herman direct on his cell phone and learn more of what your options are!

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